Corinna J. Moebius
Corinna J. Moebius

I am a cultural and applied anthropologist with a focus on race, memory-making and place-making in the Cuban diaspora from the 19th century to the present. I am also a professional tour guide and tour leader known for my specialty walking tours of Little Havana. In 2019, I am producing the AfroOchoDance festival, winner of the 2017 Knight Arts Challenge.

Currently, I am a PhD Candidate and Dissertation Year Fellow in the Global & Sociocultural Studies department at Florida International University in Miami. My dissertation, which I expect to complete in 2019, focuses on the transnational racial politics of public memory in Little Havana’s heritage district.

As an intellectual “border crosser,” I study aspects of AfroLatinidad, white Latinidad, and diasporic place- and memory-making across multiple conceptual frameworks besides Anthropology, including Africana Studies, Cultural Geography, Public History, Critical Whiteness Studies, Afro-Latin American Studies, Religious Studies, Performance Studies, and Critical Heritage/Tourism Studies.

I am also co-author of A History of Little Havana (Arcadia Publishing, 2015).

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