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Panel Accepted for Harvard’s BLACK PORTRAITURE[S] IV: The Color of Silence

A panel I submitted to Harvard University’s BLACK PORTRAITURE[S]: The Color of Silence conference has been accepted; joining me on the panel are will fellow scholars (and friends) Yesenia Fernandez Selier (New York University) and Nichelle Calhoun. Our panel is called, “Hidden in Plain Sight: Race, Space and the Memorialization of Black Bodies.” 

This conference brings together artists, activists, and scholars to:

reflect on the visual expressions of national imaginaries and political ideologies that negate racial differences and render black subjects invisible. Such ideologies are prevalent in Latin America and the Caribbean, where metaphors of mixture (mestizaje or mestiçagem) and racial harmony ignore inequality and discrimination. Similar formulations are to be found elsewhere, however, as in republican France, or among proponents of a post-racial United States, or in references to a South African “rainbow nation”, or in Jamaica’s well-known “out of many, one people” motto.

News & Activities

Recipient of a Dissertation Year Fellowship

The University Graduate School at Florida International University has awarded me a Dissertation Year Fellowship (DYF), a highly competitive award that supports “highly-qualified FIU doctoral students during the data analysis […]