In the Media

Below is a partial list of recent media coverage, not including numerous additional mentions in travel articles and blogs.


“Emerging Neighborhoods: South Florida Evolves from Urban Sprawl to Urban Center,” South Florida Business Journal (Nov. 23)

“Emerging Neighborhoods: Little Havana, a Neighborhood at a Crossroads,” by Keith Larson, South Florida Business Journal (Nov. 6)

“‘Nosotros Existimos’: Profesionales Afrolatinos de Miami Buscan Más Representación en La Sociedad,” by Brenda Media, Miami New Times (Oct. 27)

“Miami Attractions”, by Shayne Benowitz, The Telegraph (Aug. 31)

Jane’s Walk Initiative Asks Locals to Rethink Their Surroundings, by Maria de Los Angeles, Miami New Times (May 2)

Miami Celebra El Carnaval de la Calle Ocho a Golpe de Croqueta,” by Daniel Shoer Roth, The Miami Herald (Mar. 12)


Florida’s Climate Crisis Inspires Artists Across the Nation,” Miami New Times (Oct. 14)

Miami Food Tours Offer Lessons on Cuba, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (April 26)

“In Miami, Cuban Culture, No Passport Required,” The New York Times, by Colleen Creamer (April 7)

“$1 Million Project to Give Makeover to Calle Ocho,” by Steve Litz, NBC (Mar. 17)


Topical Currents, WLRN (NPR station). Featured guest for show focused on proposed upzoning legislation affecting Little Havana. (Dec. 15)

“Amid Redevelopment Plans, Miami Residents Fight to Save Little Havana,” NPR All Things Considered (Oct. 6)

“Lack of Protection Protection Threatens Miami’s Little Havana’s Architectural Legacy, Preservationists Say,” Local10 (Miami) (June 24)

“Die alten Männer und das Meer zwischen Florida und Kuba,” by Frank Herrman, Der Standard (May 24)

“Exilkubaner haben Neue Hoffnung,” by Damir Frau, in Frankfurter Rundschau (April)

“Properties, Owners a Flashpoint in Fight for Little Havana’s Fate,” by David Smiley, The Miami Herald (March 9)

“Some Rich and Powerful Would Benefit from Little Havana Upzoning,” by Daniel Ducassi, WLRN (NPR) (February 17)

“Inversionistas Apoyan Cambios en La Pequeña Habana,” by Brenda Medina, in El Nuevo Herald (January 19)


“A Little Havana,” by Jon Whittle, Florida Travel & Life (2014)


“Festivals & Tours Spotlight Little Havana’s Cultural Gems, “ by Katherine Kallergis, The Miami Herald (June 24)

“Women & Girls Lead.” I am the subject of a PBS mini-documentary that is part of this series.


How Creative Entrepreneurs are Enlivening Miami’s Little Havana” by Kaid Benfield, NRDC [Natural Resources Defense Council] Switchboard, (Sept.)

Led a Little Havana tour for the Brazilian TV show, “Programa Rolé”: video.

“Viernes Culturales: Little Havana’s Re-Birth Begins,” by Carlos Suarez de Jesus, Miami New Times (August 28)

“On the Ground: 5 Irresistible Hot Spots in Little Havana.” Westjet UP! Magazine (Dec.)


Miami, FL: Bridging the Divide,” State of the Re-Union, NPR (May 1)

Featured in French documentary that includes Little Havana (“Géographie: les deux Amériques”)

Led a tour of Little Havana for a documentary film by Canadian producers (DBCom Media of Montreal), called “Ports d’Attache (On the Waterfront): Miami”, by Planète+ bac


“Tweet Me in Miami,” by Andrew Nelson, National Geographic Traveler, April


Read my profile in Becoming an Urban Planner: A Guide to Careers in Urban Planning (Wiley & Sons)