Facilitation & Consulting

World Cafe at the Imagine Miami Summit
World Cafe at the Imagine Miami Summit

My consulting and facilitation work has been centered on developing processes for genuine and inclusive participation and engagement of local stakeholders in the decisions that affect the future of their cherished places, neighborhoods and cities.

I have designed welcoming spaces/moments for people to connect with each other in meaningful ways, so they can build social and creative capital; share ideas and resources; identify assets, opportunities and goals; and develop and decide on plans for action.

I am experienced in bringing together people from diverse ages, backgrounds, classes and viewpoints, and I use arts and storytelling as tools for connection and engagement, as well as my own unique workshops, events and walking excursions.

For more than 20 years I have been engaged in work related to civic engagement, from facilitating conflict resolution workshops in California to developing and public engagement processes for urban planning projects in DC to bringing diverse residents together for community dialogues in Miami.

I was one of the facilitators of the Virginia Key Public Planning Charrette.
I was one of the facilitators of the Virginia Key Public Planning Charrette.

Cities and neighborhoods are changing, and these changes also affect the organizations and businesses within these areas. These changes may include gentrification, an influx of Spanish-speaking residents, or crises like a natural disaster or severe economic hardship. Changes can include the loss of historic properties or the addition of new public transportation systems.

While some stakeholders may embrace change, others may fear or resist it. Locals are constantly deciding what they want to embrace and hold on to and what they want to abandon in the places where they live, work or play.

My work has helped clients navigate through these times of change in ways that are participatory and inclusive, so as to avoid the heated “us vs. them” battles that may stifle the diversity of voices, ideas and opinions that could be contributing to creative negotations.

I have facilitated community dialogues, charrettes and other types of gatherings (e.g., strategic planning sessions). I have used dialogue techniques like World Cafe and Open Source but often create my own structures for dialogue; these often integrate expressive arts.

For instance, I have facilitated public conversations on topics including:

  • building a system for healthy, local food;
  • connecting local assets to create a stronger city;
  • addressing limited access to healthy food in low-income communities;
  • connecting artists with activists and people working for social change;
  • cultural and historic preservation in a changing city;
  • arts and civic engagement;
  • urban planning/transportation projects affecting neighborhoods or commercial corridors.

My consulting clients have included planning agencies and firms, developers, small businesses, community development corporations, civic and neighborhood groups and nonprofits, faith-based organizations and foundations. Based on the success of my work as a consultant and facilitator specializing in public engagement, my profile was included in Becoming an Urban Planner: A Guide to Careers in Urban Planning (Wiley & Sons).

I offer my services in both English and Spanish.

Facilitating the Broward Community Food Roundtable in 2012.
Facilitating the Broward Local Food System Community Roundtable in 2012.

Partial Project List:

  • Broward Local Food System Community Roundtable (Hollywood, FL, 2012)
  • Board Retreat, Next@19th (Miami, 2012)
  • Greater Everglades Local Food Summit (Miami, 2010, 2011)
  • Virginia Key Master Plan Public Planning Charrette (Miami, 2010)
  • Imagine Miami Changemaker Conferences I, II & III (Miami, 2008, 2009) (including facilitation of World Cafe dialogue)
  • Strategic Planning Retreat, Neat Stuff, Inc. (Miami, 2009)
  • Board Retreat, Neat Stuff, Inc. (Miami, 2009)
  •  Conversation Cafe Discussion on Urban Food Deserts (Miami, 2009)
  • Summit on Arts, Culture & Civic Engagement (Miami, 2008)
  • Preserving What Matters Workshop & Community Dialogue (Miami, 2008)
  • 2006 Revision of Washington, DC Comprehensive Plan (DC, 2006)
  • Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station Area and Corridor Plan (DC)
  • South Capitol Street Corridor Study (DC)
  • Adams Morgan Transportation Study (2005, DC)
  • Gateway Arts District (Mt. Rainer, MD) (consulting on public outreach)
  • New York Avenue Corridor Study (DC)


“Corinna Moebius is the embodiment of talent, passion, compassion, boundless generosity and above all action. I have enjoyed working with her and have watched all of her community empowerment projects grow into networks of proactive communities and successful civic engagements. I look forward to continue working with her and highly recommend Corinna Moebius for any endeavor she may wish to pursue.”
— Evelin Ramirez, District IV Representative Community Relations Specialist, Florida Commission on Human Relations

“I think historically this will be seen as vital step in getting Broward county food persons going on something of extreme importance. Also the use of a facilitator was, in my book, very wise, so many meetings squander their potential with ‘business as usual’ power points and a few talkative folks monopolizing the show, was a great example of how to proceed differently. Thank you!”
— Letter to facilitation client, from one of the participants (Kevin Sloat of The Fruitful Field)

“Corinna is the architect of the famous ‘Quadrangle Strategy’ that is the foundation on which ALL the rest of what we did for public involvement rests. I recall the first time Corinna sketched it out for us at HNTB’s office. It was like ‘Damn, that’s brilliant!’ So on behalf of everybody on the project team and all the residents who will never know how they came to be informed, educated and engaged as well as they did, Corinna, ‘thank you for everything’.”
— Don Edwards, Principal, Justice & Sustainability Associates, LLC (Lead Public Participation Consultant for the 2006 Revision of the DC Comprehensive Plan)

“Awesome conference! Thank you, and everyone else who worked so hard to arrange it, and pull it together the day of the event. The speakers were great, and the attendance was strong. All came together to make this a very insightful day. I went through life in Miami for years looking for something like this, without knowing who, how, where, or what. Such a cool idea. I look forward to the next conference, and any formal or informal conversations, or workshops that may come up between here and there.”
— Darrill A. Gaschler, attendee of Imagine Miami Changemaker Conference (I directed, designed and facilitated the conference)

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank and congratulate you and your staff for putting together such a wonderful conference. It was exciting to meet so many people working for the community and the diversity of programs out there working for this cause. The speakers were impressive and inspirational transmitting their passion and belief in the community’s potential through their work. I look forward to more to come and again thank you for your commitment.”
— Attendee of Imagine Miami Changemaker Conference

“The conference increased my interest in seeing Miami become a better place … [It] allowed me to see even more of the potential held within Miami as we continue to grow. Bigger isn’t always better, but with the growth, we have the chance to make changes along the way to make the entire county much more user-friendly, and enjoyable. My interest in being INVOLVED in Miami’s betterment was definitely enhanced by attending this conference.”
— Attendee of Imagine Miami Changemaker Conference

“THANK YOU! You did an amazing job facilitating the Broward Local Food System Roundtable.”
— Teina Phillips, MPA, Program Director, TOUCH Program, Broward Regional Health Planning Council

“You wanted to create a network of collective voices with ‘making Miami-Dade a better place’ as the goal. You saw how many people were ready to the same. I think they all found new ways to realize those goals after your Summit.”
— Attendee of Imagine Miami Summit on Arts, Culture & Civic Engagement

“… it was truly uplifting, connecting, energizing and transformative.”
— Linda McGlathery, participant at Imagine Miami Changemaker Conference

“[The Imagine Miami Changemaker Conference] was a huge success! It was fun and stimulating to be around creative people who care deeply about Miami. There are excellent opportunities for connections and collaboration as we seek to make Miami an even better place to live and thrive.”
— Richard Albritton, former candidate for U.S. Congress

For Consulting Work …

“Corinna, I want to say that you are really an incredible consultant. I love working on projects with you and the way you add your own creativity and intelligence to every little task. Thank you for all your work for CTCNet and the many communities you touch. You’ve done such great work on this project.”
— John Zoltner, Director of Strategy & Development, Community Technology Centers’ Network (CTCNet)

“Corinna is a bright star, and it is hard to just sum up what a valuable asset she was to our startup. She was not only effective and detailed, producing more work than her peers in less time, she produced outstanding quality day-in and day-out. She contributed far beyond what was expected of her with ideas and insights that were always aimed at improving content and business processes. She is all that, as well as forthright and honest, the kind of person and employee you can count on at all levels, a bright star.”
— Jeff Morrow, Owner, Career Marketing Online, LLC (former VC, Content Development, Luckman Interactive)

“Corinna, Thank you very much for working with us on the overall process [for engaging the Latino community]. Obviously, you know that some things are essential in events with the Latino Community. Mil Gracias.”
— Lillian Perdomo, Executive Director, Multicultural Community Services

“Corinna designed and implemented an online marketing strategy for an online community and resource website we created at the Morino Institute, YouthLearn. She did a fantastic job. Was thorough, quick, personable, on time and on budget, brought lots of expertise and creativity to the task and presented it all very professionally. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her without reservation.”
— Victoria Vrana, then Director of Interactive Media at the Morino Institute