I am an experienced public speaker, often invited to serve as a moderator or panelist at conferences, as a presenter, or even as an inspirational speaker.

Speaking at the Imagine Miami Summit on Arts, Culture & Civic Engagement
Speaking at the Imagine Miami Summit on Arts, Culture & Civic Engagement

In 2016, I was an invited speaker for the “Places We Call Home” Arts and Lecture Series, sponsored by The Arts at St. Johns and The Betsy Hotel. I spoke on, “When Home is Everywhere and Nowhere.”

Below are some of the topics I enjoy speaking about:

  • How do we remember the past?
  • Is “public space” public? (privatization of public space)
  • race, space and public memory/commemoration
  • Little Havana
  • rethinking “place”
  • inclusive, participatory placemaking: who’s at the table, and who’s not?
  • cultural tourism/cultural heritage tourism
  • creating the livelihood you want
  • how to “network”


“We literally just heard you speak in the course … I had to e-mail you immediately and let you know how much of an inspiration you were. You shared so much knowledge and personal experience that it really helped many of us eagerly want to start our personal projects.”
— Manny Lopez (student who heard my presentation on “creating the career you want”)

“The program you put together was excellent! It seems that you have touched on a topic that is of interest to many people. I suspect you could have been there another 2 hours answering questions.”
— Steve Siegel (for my presentation on “how to network”)

“I wanted to thank you for coming to Teen Club. Your presentation was excellent and quite effective. I have not seen them that engaged like that with other presentations. I hope that you enjoyed speaking with them because you have the tools to help them and motivate them.”
— Shane McShorter, Teen Club, HomeStretch

“This was a great event. Glad I went. Your presentation was engaging and innovative.”
— Wenceslao Fernandez